Drunk Keeper App

Track, measure and improve your drinking. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the app makes it easy to track the amount of your drinking, how far you went, how long it took, what your pace/speed/Blood alcohol content (BAC) was, how many calories you gained, and the path you traveled on a map.

DrunkKeeper uses the GPS technology found in the iPhone to track your and your friends location. You are able to see the intoxication level of your friends.


BAC control
Keep track of your current BAC. How long will it take before you’ve reached soberness? Watch the curve afterwards and the top result. Feel proudness, anxiety, shame or whatever.

Where did you go? Watch the path from yesterday.

Share your statistics with friends by posting them to your favorite social sites, including Facebook, Google+  and Twitter.

Take me home
You wanna get home? Watch the map, call the taxi companies in your area or take the nearest bus, by using the app.

Drunk keeper is a sober person tasked with keeping a drunk person out of trouble and in general good health; will ideally keep their charge happy and prevent him or her from making any monumentally bad life choices. ”Nobody knows what I did after I ditched my drunk-keeper, but I woke up naked in my grandma’s yard hugging a duck. Honestly I’m just glad to be alive.”


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